BPR Group is committed to operating to the highest environmental standards. We have a passion for environmental issues and are ISO14001 accredited.


BPR Group has achieved ISO14001 accreditation. This ensures that all our policies and procedures are working correctly and are well maintained.

All staff receive training on our objectives and targets and we have an active sustainability team helping to implement procedures and continually improve our environmental performance.

BPR Carbon Footprint

BPR Group has calculated its carbon footprint for the last 6 years. We work continually to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations. Our current carbon reduction plan includes the following measures:

  • Implementation of an improved carbon footprint data collection and monitoring system and formal energy reduction procedures
  • Trial of new energy saving technologies (including SMART meters, Voltage Optimization management device, PIR sensors and timers)
  • With a fleet of 45 trucks, actively managing our transport emissions is a high priority. Techniques used include eco-driver training for all drivers, driver performance league tables and use of telematic driver monitoring system
  • Removal of surplus lighting in office and warehouse
  • Our staff are passionate about environmental issues. Our active green team runs internal training for other staff, maintains our environmental management system and ensures that we achieve the targets set out in our action plan.

Giving back to our community

At BPR Group, a commitment to charity is part of who we are, not just what we do. We run a substantial annual program of donations to environmental charities and have donated over £250,000 since 2001. We recognise that helping charities to succeed is a collective effort and actively encourage customers, partners and staff to get involved. BPR Group has five main charity partnerships which enable us to give back to the community:

  • Friends of the Earth - Originally started by Friends of the Earth as a project, our roots still inform our approach to doing business.
  • The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) - Paper Round has a close relationship with the ZSL holding an annual donations ceremony and organising volunteering opportunities for staff to help out at the Zoo.
  • Trees for Cities – for every new client that starts recycling paper on our membership service, we donate towards the planting of 1 tree.
  • FareShare - For each food waste bin collected we donate enough for one meal to feed a vulnerable person.
  • Springboard – for every 10 PCs or laptops we collect, we donate the value of one tutoring session for a child at risk of illiteracy.